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UNCLAIMED CAPITAL CREDITS Newberry Electric Cooperative, Inc. has unclaimed capital credits for the following persons.

As required by state statute, Newberry Electric Cooperative is required to annually publish a list that identifies the names and addresses of former members whose last known address was in South Carolina with
unclaimed capital credits of $50 or more. If you are a former member and your name appears on the list below, please contact the cooperative.

In order to claim the capital credits, the individual will need to provide identification and proof they are the member who owned the account with the unclaimed capital credits. In order to claim the capital credits for a
deceased person, the cooperative will need a Certificate of Appointment or an Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property from the judge of Probate along with a completed estate application available at our office.
In order to claim funds, please contact Newberry Electric Cooperative by calling the office between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm weekdays at 803.276.1121. Please reference your call as concerning unclaimed capital credits.

Member NameStreet AddressUnitCityStateZip
6 By Pass Shell StationUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Abner, MinnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Abram, Margaret CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Abrams, Herbert2615 Drayton St NewberrySC29108-2337
Abrams, T J2000 Springfield CirApt 202NewberrySC29108
Achey, Linda L1503 Evans St NewberrySC29108
Adams, EdithRt  4 Box 339T NewberrySC29108
Adams, JoeRt   4 Box 167 NewberrySC29108-0000
Adams, JoeRt   3 Box 63B ChesterfieldSC29709-9316
Adams, JohnBox 35-9 Dufford St NewberrySC29108-0000
Adams, MyrtleRt   2 PomariaSC29126-0000
Adams, RichardRt   2 Box 24 BlairSC29015-0000
Addison, Rufus RUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Addy, Frank EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
After Hours ClubRt   2 Bx 170 SaludaSC29138-0000
Albright, William DPo Box 731 West ColumbiaSC29171-0000
Alewine, Langford2000 Springfield Circle NewberrySC29108-0000
Alexander, CadeliaRt  3 Box 193 ProsperitySC29127
Alexander, James PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Amick, Barbara BRt   1 Box 364 D ProsperitySC29127-0000
Amick, Gordon522 West Highway 378 LexingtonSC29072-9703
Amick, J TRt 2 Box 211 A NewberrySC29108-0000
Amick, Marvin LRt 4 Bx 222 ChapinSC29036-0000
Amick, Michael RRt 2  Box 181 B PomariaSC29126-0000
Amick, Mrs Willie Mae2555 Kinard St #316 NewberrySC29108-2954
Amick, Wendy1110 Marion Street NewberrySC29108-2003
Amicks Lake House,Rr   1 Box 364d ProsperitySC29127-9419
Anders, LarryUnknown BlairSC29015-0000
Anderson, AlbertRt   3 ClintonSC29325-9803
Anderson, John1622 Bodie St NewberrySC29108-0000
Anderson, KayRt   1 Box 110 NewberrySC29108-0000
Anderson, MauriceRt   3 Bx 53 NewberrySC29108-0000
Anderson, NancyRt   1 Box 141 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Anderson, Sammy3644 Dogwood TerrUnit 10NewberrySC29108
Anderson, Sammy KRt   1 Bx 245 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Aull, James EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Auto Plas IncPo Box 22779 ColumbiaSC29222-0000
B & D Building Supply2419 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-1644
Baccene, Brent143 Stone RidgeApt F4ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Bagwell, Rosa LeeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bailey's Fish Camp,Rt   5 Box 1617 LaurensSC29360-0000
Baker, Arthur LRt   2 Box 144 KinardsSC29355-0000
Baker, Bradford CUnknown KinardsSC29355-0000
Baker, George26 Landmark DrAPT BColumbiaSC29210-0000
Baldwin, Lona MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Baldwin, RobertRt   1 Bx 64 M PomariaSC29126-0000
Bank's T V & Microwave,906 Montague Ave GreenwoodSC29646-0000
Barefoot, CharlesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Barlow, Sgt R KUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Barlow, Walter A1000 Windsor Shore DrApt 22 AColumbiaSC29223-0000
Barlow, WaynePo Box 191 ChapinSC29036-0000
Barnes, Rev C WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Barnette, E WRt  1 NewberrySC29108-0000
Basler, JohnUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bates, CleoUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bates, Estelle77 Clarence Davenport Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Bates, Virgil2014 Heidt St ColumbiaSC29204-0000
Bauersfeld, CarlUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Beck, HarryPo Box 250 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Bedell Jr, JimRt  2 Box 116 A BranchvilleSC29432-9428
Bedenbaugh, C W315 Bethel Church Rd ProsperitySC29127-9804
Bedenbaugh, Charles EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bedenbaugh, J AUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Bedenbaugh, Warren TRt   3 Box 525 NewberrySC29108-0000
Bell, Emily PetersRt   2 Bx 861 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Bennett & Drake,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bennett, Helen MPo Box 414 GranitevilleSC29829-0000
Bennett, TommyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Benson, James LynnPo Box 11 BallentineSC29002-0000
Bethel, LeoPo Box 3563 ColumbiaSC29230-0000
Bigham, Robert ERt   3 Bx 100 NewberrySC29108-0000
Billings, James WRr   1 Box 147b ProsperitySC29127-9468
Biltmore-Dairy-FarmsPo Box 1088 ColumbiaSC29202-0000
Bird, Sammy10742 Sc Hwy 34 NewberrySC29108
Bishop, IraRt   2 Bx 188 C ClintonSC29325-0000
Bishop, J JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bishop, TurnerPope St NewberrySC29108
Blackmon, Charles L2012 Piedmont St NewberrySC29108-0000
Blackwell, Jerry2433 Adelaide Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Bladen, Roger AShaw Road ChapinSC29036
Blalock, ThomasUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Blalock, Thomas ERt   2 Bx 220 NewberrySC29108-0000
Bobb, J C6498 Macedonia Church Rd ProsperitySC29127-7366
Bobb, L EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Bobbins Inc,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Boland, Harold EPo Box 47 SilverstreetSC29145-0047
Boland, Joe2113 Brown Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Bolt, Dorothy1404 Dave Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Bolton, Billy LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bonner, DempseyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bonner, J W526 Byron Rd ColumbiaSC29209-0000
Boone Jr, YanceyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Boone, LaviniaRt   4 Box 705 A ProsperitySC29127-9495
Boozer, Charles KRt   4 Box 75 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Boozer, Keren E2906 Mohawk Dr AikenSC29801-3218
Boozer, L ARt   1 KinardsSC29355-0000
Boozer, TomRt   1 Bx 67 XX SilverstreetSC29145-9737
Bowen, W M715 Coves Street ChapinSC29036-0000
Bowers, Ken150 Howell Circle GreenvilleSC29615-0000
Bowick, Nellie2534 Fair Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Bowles, Horace320 Grace Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Boyce, ByronUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Boyd, BobbyRt  2 Box 4114 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Boyd, GradyRt   3 ClintonSC29325-9803
Boyd, John LeeRt   1 Box 265 N Little MountainSC29075-0000
Boyd, Maggie55 Shaynee Way PomariaSC29126-8684
Boyd, SamUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Boyd, WillieRt   1 Bx 29 I SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Boyter, MaryRt   3 Box 1434 ClintonSC29325-9539
Bozard's Grocery,Rt   3 Bx 227 NewberrySC29108-0000
Brackett, ThomasUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Brackett, Willie MaeRt   1 Box 190 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Bradley, JohnUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Bralow, DennisUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brandi, Robert5035 Augusta Rd LexingtonSC29072-9173
Branham, DavidRt   3 Box 190 SaludaSC29138-9425
Branham, Jack C127 Clermont Lakes Dr LexingtonSC29073-0000
Branham, Sidney D100 Foxglove Ln ColumbiaSC29210-6307
Brazell, A MRt   1 Box 150 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Brazell, DianaPo Box 642 ChapinSC29036-0000
Breakfield, Harold HUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Breed, WilliamPo Bx 212 NewberrySC29108-0000
Bright, Cynthia R125 Nance Forest NewberrySC29108-0000
Brittain, D BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brock, HermanUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brock, Ivan ERt   2 Box 93 HartsvilleSC29550-0000
Brock, Larry NPo Box 32 NewberrySC29108-0000
Brooks, Bill932 Spearman Rd NewberrySC29108-9376
Brooks, DenePo Drawer 239 ClintonSC29325-0000
Brooks, John CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brooks, John WesleyUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Brooks, MichaelRr   1 Box 344 PomariaSC29126-9774
Brooks, MorrisRt   4 Box 241 NewberrySC29108-9363
Brooks, Sidney GRt  1 Bx 377 NewberrySC29108-0000
Broome, Margie H595 Old Woodlands Road ColumbiaSC29209-0000
Brossy, C Eugene1524 Friend Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown Jr, David L2009 Winsor Hills Dr ColumbiaSC29204-0000
Brown Jr, Marc W5711 Ames Rd ColumbiaSC29203-0000
Brown, C KennethRt   2 Box 85 H NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, ElizabethPo Box 443 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Brown, Esther O2202 Evans Circle NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, F LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, Janie144 Pettus Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, JerriRt   4 Bx 637 UnionSC29379-0000
Brown, MaryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, Richard RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, Robert TUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, Thomas AUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Brown, Willie197 Inez Chaplin Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Brown, Willie ThomasUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Browne, Douglas2008 Charles Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Brumble, Charlie HUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Brunson, H C1372 A Riverview Rd  Hwy 82 Rock HillSC29730-0000
Bryson, LesterRt   1 KinardsSC29355-0000
Bundrick, Donald LeeRoute 2 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Burch, Jim106 Guild Hall Dr ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Burgess, James NRt  1 Bx 118 A 1 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Burleson, JerryRt  1 Box 28 PomariaSC29126-0000
Burns, Robert B4752 Coker St ColumbiaSC29206-0000
Burnside Grocery,Po Box 106 PomariaSC29126-0000
Burnside, Linwood2307 Cottage AveTrailer DNewberrySC29108-0000
Burton, Ben710 Broom Street WhitmireSC29178-1282
Burton, EvelynUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Burton, LarryRt  3 Bx 631 NewberrySC29108-0000
Burton, MoseUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Burton, ZonieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Busby, Luda GarmoneRt   1 Box 609 NewberrySC29108-0000
Busby, MarthaRoute 2 NewberrySC29108-0000
Butler, William FRt 4 Box Cm 63 ManningSC29102-0000
By-Pass 76 Recapping,Rt   1 Box 197 NewberrySC29108-0000
By-Pass Shell Station,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Byer's Builders IncRt   1, Box 281 InmanSC29349-0000
C And K CorpUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
C E S Forestry Center,Po Box 641 NewberrySC29108
C K CorporationUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Calamese, Carrie3040 Glenn Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Caldwell, Bell344 Wise Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Caldwell, BerniceRt   2 PomariaSC29126-0000
Caldwell, CollierUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Caldwell, Eugene831 Wardler St NewberrySC29108-0000
Caldwell, Plina SRt   1 Box 230 NewberrySC29108-0000
Calkins, HowardUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Calvin Farmer StationRt   2 KinardsSC29355-0000
Camp, Jane HRt   3 Box 406 ChapinSC29036-0000
Cannon, CaryleRt   1 Box 36 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Cannon, EloiseRt   1 Box 117 NewberrySC29108-0000
Cannon, Gracie4000 College Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Cannon, LucindyPo Box 309 NewberrySC29108-0000
Cannon, Tony6291 Sc Highway 34-121 NewberrySC29108-6642
Cannon, William E328 14th Ave S Surfside BeachSC29577-0000
Carr, RobertPo Box 489 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Carr, Willie MaeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Carruthers, DonnaRt   1 Bx 323Trailer #9NewberrySC29108-0000
Cartee, ThelmaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Carter, GradyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Casas, Aldolfo MusicoRt   4 Box 126 NewberrySC29108-0000
Cash Control CorpPO Box 774 NewberrySC29108
Cason, Young J8565 Old Percival RdLot #87ColumbiaSC29223-0000
Cavanaugh, Laura MaeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cawley, GeorgePo Box 175 PomariaSC29126-0000
Central Dental Lab,Po Box 854 NewberrySC29108-0000
Central, Carolina EPo Box 220 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Century-21,Po Box 431 NewberrySC29108-0000
Chalmers, JohnUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Champton, WoodrowUnknown CowpensSC29330-0000
Chaplin, ErnestUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Chaplin, Inez328 Inez Chaplin Rd NewberrySC29108-7183
Chaplin, Willie EttaPo Box 6955 SpartanburgSC29306-0000
Chapman, Frank918 C Suber Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Chapman, JackUnknown Little MountainSC29075-0000
Chapman, Mack103 Bedford Drive TaylorsSC29687-0000
Chapman, Thomas1901 Lincoln Court NewberrySC29108-0000
Chappell, A RPo Box 264 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Chappell, James H.Unknown KinardsSC29355-0000
Chase, John DUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Chase, Russell25 Pebble Creek Rd IrmoSC29063-0000
Cheek, Linda2521 1/2 Pine St NewberrySC29108-0000
Chitwood, Patricia1045 Kilgore Bridge Road WoodruffSC29388-0000
Cieluch, MolliePo Box 781 ClintonSC29325-0000
Clark, MaryUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Clark, Thomas HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Clement, RayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Clontz Jr, William FPo Box 134 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Clyde's-Place,Box 175 Ninety SixSC29666-0000
Coats, WandaRt  1 Box 15 A NewberrySC29108-9801
Cobb, Fred WUnknown West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Cockerham Chev & Olds,Po Drawer 874 NewberrySC29108-0874
Cogburn Dairy IncUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Coleman, David614 Rodelsperger St NewberrySC29108-0000
Coleman, SpencerRt   1 Box 567 NewberrySC29108-0000
Collier, LarryLandmark Apts 28C ColumbiaSC29204
Collier, V ERt   2 Box 1742 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Collins Jr, C WRt  1 Box 128 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Collins, BuckUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Collins, James MPo Box 832 UnionSC29379-0000
Collins, R JPo Box 634 NewberrySC29108-0000
Collins, WilliamUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Compston, George WRt   1 Bx 364 BTrailer # 20NewberrySC29108-0000
Conner Home of Newberry,2444 Wilson Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Cook, FredUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Cook, W DRt   5 Box 515 ChapinSC29036-0000
Cook, W MUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Cool, Daniel JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cooper, D WillardUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Coots Truck StopRt   2 KinardsSC29355-0000
Copeland, Hattie MaeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Corley, GenevaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Corley, J T2216 Pressly Ave North AugustaSC29834-0000
Corley, Vernon NUnknown ClintonSC29325-0000
Cornelius, Philip FRt   1 Bx 231 ClintonSC29325-0000
Corsack, OscarUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Cotney, Bobby G2919 Dickert St NewberrySC29108-0000
Counts, JohnRt   3 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Counts, Kathy Ann4046 Frazier Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Counts, Robert TUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Counts, Virginia LRt   1 Box 8 NewberrySC29108-9701
Cousins, John WPo Box 307 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Cove In MarinaUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Cox Jr, H LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cox Jr, John LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cox Jr, John LPo Box 207 NewberrySC29108-0000
Cox Lumber CompanyUnknown TroySC29848-0000
Craine, David201 Spruce Street ClintonSC29325-0000
Crank, Robert WUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Crayne, S N47 Wilkerson Road ProsperitySC29127-0000
Crocker, JamesUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Croford Jr, W CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cromer, Denny SUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cromer, HoraceRt   1 Box 156 PomariaSC29126-0000
Cromer, Mark E1175 Mt Bethel Garmany Rd NewberrySC29108-9268
Cromer, Mary KRt   1 Box 399 NewberrySC29108-0000
Cromer, R WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Cromer, SusieRt  1 Bx 537 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Crosby, EloiseRt   1 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Cross, H A117 Glenn St NewberrySC29108-0000
Crossroads Family Restaurant,Rt   1 NewberrySC29108-0000
Crouch Jr, Marvin5544 Sylvan Drive ColumbiaSC29206-0000
Crouch, Mary Ellen DRt   1 Bx 64 PomariaSC29126-0000
Crouch, W D5501 Fairfield RdLot 24ColumbiaSC29203
Croxton Jr, Edgar MRt   4 WinnsboroSC29180-0000
Crumpton, ConnieRt  1 Box 348 A NewberrySC29108-0000
Crumpton, JohnRt   1 Bx 53 NewberrySC29108-0000
Culbertson, LulaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Culbreth, WilliamPo Box 5 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Cumalander, LynnPo Box 3201 SummervilleSC29484-3201
Cunningham, BriggsUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Current, Fredrick D2726 Collinswood Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Curtis, Jesse RRt   3 Box 326 A ClintonSC29325-0000
Cutshall, Marvell186 Paularand Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Damon, Laverne3848 Shaw Street ColumbiaSC29203-0000
Dansby, NathanielRt 4 Bx 23 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dantzler, Elizabeth B401 Newberry Drive ChapinSC29036-0000
Davenport, Bennie LeeRt  4 Bx 239 NewberrySC29108-0000
Davenport, Dorothy NellRt   3 Box 17 J 1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Davenport, Louise Griffin174 Inez Chaplin Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Davenport, WilliePo Box 463 Gray CourtSC29645-0000
Davis, EllabellUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, HenionUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, JuliusUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, L RPo Box 301 White RockSC29177-0000
Davis, LeonardUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, R LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, Rev J A1413 Hawkins Ct NewberrySC29108-1511
Davis, S T3451 Chick Dr NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, Steve1110 Cheatham St NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, Ted A109 Wexhurst Road ColumbiaSC29212-8515
Davis, TimothyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, WardlawUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Davis, Willie JamesRt   3 Bx 68 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dawkins, WillieRt   4 Box 339 A NewberrySC29108-0000
Dean P L Lmbr Co,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dean, Roy L2330 Adelaide St NewberrySC29108
Deason, JimmyRt   7 Bx 42 A GreenwoodSC29646-0000
Dees, AnnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dees, ClaraRt  1 KinardsSC29355-0000
Dees, James WRt 2 Box 105 KinardsSC29355-0000
Dercola, Nicholas513 Kell Place James IslandSC29412-0000
Derock, JamesRt   1 Box 575 NewberrySC29108-0000
Derock, OscarRt   1 Box 206 A BlairSC29015-0000
Derrick, Robert IUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Dezurick, Mark T147 Cherokee Drive GreenwoodSC29646-0000
DiBiase, Larry1923 Springdale Dr CamdenSC29020-0000
Diamond, James C108 Louise Street UnionSC29379-0000
Dickart, Vivian G204 Mcmillan St ClintonSC29325-0000
Dickerson Constr Co,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dickert, Charlene1202 Airport Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Dill, Jimmie BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dillard, Oscar915 Paysinger Ln NewberrySC29108-4711
Dinkins, Jerry29 Fairforest Court ColumbiaSC29212-0000
Dinsmore, Jerry KUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dominick, Cassie DRt   3 Bx 446 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dominick, FreddieRt   1 Box 919 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Dominick, JackUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Dominick, JimmieRt   3 Bx 614 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Dominick, JimmieRt  1 Bx 571 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dominick, RubyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Dominick, Teresa T1419 Civitan Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Donald, FrankRt   6 SenecaSC29678-0000
Dorn, Stephen EPo Box 911 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dorroh, Alfred977 Nursey Road Little MountainSC29075-0000
Dotichey, Peter IPo Box 460 ChapinSC29036-0460
Dowling, DonPo Box 553 NewberrySC29108-0000
Drew, Eve KRt   2 Box 93 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Duckett John V  CafeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Duckett, John VUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Duffies General MdseRt   3 Box 261 NewberrySC29108-0000
Dukes, JerryRt  3 Box 405 ChapinSC29036
Duncan, Arthur GRt   5 Box 167 A AbbevilleSC29620-0000
Dye, Daniel H1021 Wallace Dr NewberrySC29108-0000
Earwood, M D18397 Sc Hwy 121 NewberrySC29108-0000
Eaves, AaronRt  1 Box 126 NewberrySC29108-0000
Ed's Place,Rt   1 Bx 2 A SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Edgins, GeraldineRt   1 Box 314 C NewberrySC29108-0000
Edgins, LeeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Edmonds Sr, RichardRt   1 Box 40 Aa SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Edward, JudyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Edwards, Johnnie LeeRt  1 Box 35 H PomariaSC29126-0000
Edwards, OrlanderRt   1 Bx 262 PomariaSC29126-0000
Elkins, AliceUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Elkins, James BillRt   1 Bx 697 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Elkins, James WoodrowUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Elliott, CarlUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Elliott, DonaldRt   3 Bx 61 B ProsperitySC29127-0000
Elliott, DonaldPo Box 593 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Elliott, Donald E1024900004 NewberrySC29108-0000
Elmore, EdwardUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Empress Mobile HomesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Enloe, ShirleyRt  1 Box 117 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Estes, R M114 South Church St UnionSC29379-0000
Etheridge, BonnieRt   1 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Eubanks, ElizabethPO Bx 45 KinardsSC29355-0000
Evans, GloriaRt   4 Bx 211 NewberrySC29108-0000
Evans, Jeff2146 Adelaide Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Evans, JimmieRt   2 Box 400 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Evans, Ruth LRt   1 PomariaSC29126-0000
Everett, Carolyn SRt   1 Box 365 NewberrySC29108-0000
F M X Inc Of Newberry,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
F Tippens,Po Box 461 NewberrySC29108-0461
Fair, W WRt   1 Box 8 A SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Fairfield Spec Hos IncPo Box 3817 ColumbiaSC29230-3817
Fanning, W FUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Farmer Jr, Roy DRt   1 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Fast Times Restaurant,Rt   3 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Fawn, DianneUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Feaster, WillUnknown BlairSC29015-0000
Felder, Joel TPo Box 1227 BarnwellSC29812-0000
Felker, O ARt  1 Box 351 PomariaSC29126-9775
Fellers, AnnaRt   1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Fellers, AnnieUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Fellers, Tammy1555 S Lake Dr LexingtonSC29072-0000
Fender, James WRt   2 Box 652 BatesburgSC29006-0000
Fenstemacher, William D321 Wild Cherry Rd ChapinSC29036-9029
Ferguson, FrankieRt   1, Box 359 NewberrySC29108-0000
Fite, FrankRt   2   1488 Lakewood Dr ProsperitySC29127-0000
Fleming, Robert S325 Foxfire Drive ColumbiaSC29212-0000
Flemon Jr, Joe LouisRt  4 Box 56 NewberrySC29108-0000
Floyd, James C1520 Boundary Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Floyd, Louis CC&S Nat'l Bank-Trust Dept ColumbiaSC29222
Floyd, William WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Floyd, WillieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Fogle, Roy MRt  2 Box 399 SummertonSC29148-0000
Ford, Roy LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Foremost Pipeline Co,Unknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Fowler, James HRt   3 -Whitmire Hwy UnionSC29379-9803
Frady, Richard415 Peterson Path Road BatesburgSC29006-0000
Franklin, J C166 Old Whitmire Hwy NewberrySC29108-0000
Franklin, Mike3397 Sc Hwy 391 ProsperitySC29127
Free, MatthewRt  2 Bx 95 A PomariaSC29126-9619
Freeman, Josie L2877 Sc Hwy 202 PomariaSC29126-0000
Freeman, L WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Freeman, LawrenceUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Freeman, MaryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Freeman, MaryUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
French's General Store,Rt   1 Box 55 NewberrySC29108-0000
Frick, James DPo Box 642 ChapinSC29036-0000
Frye, LulaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Fulghum, RayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Fulmer T Trl Pk,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Fulmer, David StanleyRt   3 Box 552 NewberrySC29108-0000
Fulmer, Furman EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Fulmon, Colie LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Funderburk, D H269 Clemson Drive CordovaSC29039-0000
Gaddy, Rupert1607 Nance St NewberrySC29108-2523
Gaines, Guy918 Crestview RdApt D 3EasleySC29642-3207
Gaines, JamesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gaines, Mary MUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gallagher, James C3265B College St NewberrySC29108-1637
Gallman, Calvin3003 Long Rd ColumbiaSC29203-0000
Gallman, EddieUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gallman, HarrietRt   1 Bx 30 E SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Gallman, Lomas2328 Vincent Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Gallman, Marion T3536 Grant Ave 18-A NewberrySC29108-0000
Gallman, RayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gallman, RayUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gallman, WillieRt   3 Box 53 NewberrySC29108-9401
Gallman, Willie FredUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gallman, Willie LewisUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Gamble, Mary AliceUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gambrell, DebbieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gambrell, Horace E102 Rama Ln LexingtonSC29072-0000
Ganey, TomRt  1 Box 95 NewberrySC29108
Garick, ArthurPo Box 453 White RockSC29177-0000
Garland, CloraUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Garmany, WillieUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Garmone, LudaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Garner, James125 Piper RdLot 19LexingtonSC29072
Garner, Lalla BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Garrett, Gary2805 College Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Garrett, John T1280 Dickson Rd CampobelloSC29322-9253
Garrick, LutherRt   1 Bx 660 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gary's Place,Rt   1 Bx 2 A SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Gary, Carrie FloydUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gary, Elnora923 Butler St NewberrySC29108-0000
Gary, L C723 James Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Gary, Lillian2224 Liberty Street ClintonSC29325-0000
Gatch, BeuenaRt  1 Box 365 NewberrySC29108-0000
Gates, David HBox 44 BallentineSC29002-0000
Gee, Robert EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gentry, Henry EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gentry, Joseph H123 Paul Green Road ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gerling, TonyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gibson, CliffUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gibson, KenRt   3 Bx 114 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Gibson, Whitney1816 Brookside Manor NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilliam, CarlUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilliam, Charles WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilliam, DerrillUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilliam, Jacqueline855 Charlottes Rd ClintonSC29325-0000
Gilliam, MarvinUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilliam, Raymond1285 India Hook Road Rock HillSC29732-0000
Gillian, DonaldRt   2 Box 126 A KinardsSC29355-9605
Gilmore, WillieRt   4 Box 250 NewberrySC29108-0000
Gilstrap, SteveRt  4 Box 156 NewberrySC29108-0000
Gizinski, DennisRt   3 Box 314 ChapinSC29036-0000
Gladney, AllanRt   1 Box 281 NewberrySC29108-0000
Glasgow, Henry Louis100 Huston Road ProsperitySC29127-9804
Glasgow, WillieRt   1 Bx 927 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Glenn, ClaudeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Glenn, Ella CRt   1 Box 316 NewberrySC29108-0000
Glenn, Everette LRt   1 Bx 224 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Glenn, MarcellarP O BX 23 SILVERSTREET SC29145
Glenn, Sam242 Bowles Ln SilverstreetSC29145-9224
Glenn, ViolaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Glymph, SarahRt  1 Box 256 NewberrySC29108-9740
Goodman, AndrewUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Goodman, RayRoute 3 NewberrySC29108-0000
Goodwin, James ARt   4 Bx 187 A PiedmontSC29673-0000
Grace's Place,Rt   1 Bx 364 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Graham, Cornelia BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, Frank1918 Nance Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, GenevaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, IsiahUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, JerryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, Marion WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Graham, WydellUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Gray, Henrietta386 Wise St NewberrySC29108-4624
Greater Columbia Dev CorpPo Box 8326 ColumbiaSC29202-0000
Green, EddieUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Green, Susanna1164 Paradise Rd NewberrySC29108-7042
Greenwood Ready Mix,Unknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Gregory, C RPo Box 34 NewberrySC29108-0034
Gregory, F MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gregory, James IGeneral Delivery ProsperitySC29127
Grice, GeneUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffi, George RobertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffin, CarltonUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffin, Carlton SUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffin, Herbert LRt   2 Bx 95 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Griffin, Lula BellUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffin, MargieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Griffith Jr, Dr A RUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Grubbs, LeslieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Gunter, AnnetteRt   3 Bx 106 ProsperitySC29127-0000
H & H Service,Po Box 1061 NewberrySC29108-0000
Haile-Clinton House,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Halford, JoeRt   1 Bx 575 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Halford, Joe8 Low Hill Ln LexingtonSC29072-0000
Hall, BensonRt   2 Box 146 B PomariaSC29126-0000
Hall, Betty APO Box 486 ProsperitySC29127
Hall, Bobby2533 Upper Ln NewberrySC29108-0000
Hall, Eunice SeayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hall, JohnPo Box 128 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hall, Roberta512 Sandy Rud Creek Road SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Hallman, SallieRt   3 Bx 195 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hamilton, BenUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hanes, Jan K109 Dallas DrLot 10ChapinSC29036-9438
Hardin, Leo GRt   4 Box 14 NewberrySC29108-0000
Hare, Idella3269 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Harmon, DonaldRt  1 Box 118 N SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Harmon, GarfieldUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Harmon, HenryRt   2 Box 366 NewberrySC29108-0000
Harp, Carolyn402 Wright Street NewberrySC29108-3352
Harp, J ShevertRt   4 Box 341 NewberrySC29108-0000
Harp, John SUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Harper, Joseph M119 Northman ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Harrington, Larry1201 Chapman St NewberrySC29108-0000
Harris, FredUnknown JoannaSC29351-0000
Harris, J BRt   12 Box 57 SpartanburgSC29302-0000
Harris, John DPo Box 555 UnionSC29379-0000
Harris, JuanitaRt   3 - Miller St ProsperitySC29127-0000
Harrison, DaleRt   1 Bx 363Trailer # 17NewberrySC29108-0000
Harrison, Ida B5344 Old Whitmire Hwy NewberrySC29108-0000
Harrison, James3150 Hazel Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Harvell, T JUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Harvell, Thomas JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Harvey, Mark ERt   3 Box 314 ChapinSC29036-0000
Harvey, O PUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Harvey, Wm VUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hathen, MiltonUnknown LexingtonSC29072-0000
Hawkins, H S3195 Hazel Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Hawkins, M L4584 Mt Pilgrim Church Rd ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hawkins, Teddy949 Grant Drive ProsperitySC29127
Hayes Jr, James EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hayes, C MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hayes, Joe F105 Allen Street DarlingtonSC29532-0000
Hegler, James1814 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Helton, JackUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Henderson, E MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Henderson, George4000 College St NewberrySC29108-1641
Henderson, H BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Henderson, HoustonUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Henderson, Janie KRt  1 Box 52 JenkinsvilleSC29065
Henderson, VivianPO Box 52 KinardsSC29355
Henderson, William NUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hendrix, W DRt   1 Box 469 B 1 NewberrySC29108-0000
Hendry, George WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hennigar Jr, Harry J847 Walters Lane ColumbiaSC29209-0000
Henry, Alexander ARt   4 Box 859 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Henry, CordayUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hentz, Darryl367 Koon Trestle Rd PomariaSC29126-0000
Herrin, Fred PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hester, CarolynRt   1 Box 41 ChappellsSC29037-0000
Hill, DorothyPO Box 385 ProsperitySC29127
Hiller, John W4017 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Hiller, Mamie513 Main Street NewberrySC29108-3333
Hiller, MinnieRt   1 Box 67 S SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Hillie, DavidUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hinson, ChrisRt   1 Box 52 B RichburgSC29729-9801
Hinson, Douglas RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hipp, C C210 Oak Lane CayceSC29033-2340
Hipp, GuyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hipp, John827 Gray St NewberrySC29108-0000
Hirsch, G Gordon218 Harden Street ColumbiaSC29205-0000
Hite, E B1320 Kate St NewberrySC29108-0000
Hitt, William FRt   2 Box 145 K 6 NewberrySC29108-0000
Hoffman, Linford BRt   3 Box 621 Smallwood Dr ChapinSC29036
Hollands MarinaRt   1 Box 510 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hollands Marina Store LgtPo Box 827 CowpensSC29330-0000
Holley, BettyRt   3 Box 9 NewberrySC29108-0000
Holleys Heating,3212 College Street Ext NewberrySC29108-0000
Holman, Mamie W232 Little Pine Way ProsperitySC29127-0000
Holmes Lumber Co,Po Box 879 NewberrySC29108-0000
Holmes, BettyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Holston, Faye JPO Box 682 BatesburgSC29006-0000
Hooper, Belinda E1496 Whitener Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Hooper, T LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hoppe, Paul2035 Adelaide St NewberrySC29108-0000
Hord, ThomasUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Horne, NatalieRt   1 Box 624 NewberrySC29108-0000
Hoskins Jr, Frank LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Housand, R RRt   1 Box 116 NewberrySC29108-0000
Houseal, Helen MaeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Houser, John WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Howard, NelsonUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Howden, VinceRt   3 Bx 53 NewberrySC29108-0000
Howell, E TRt   2 Bx 46 LugoffSC29078-0000
Howell, Thomas E2228 Adelaide St NewberrySC29108-0000
Hubbard Sr, W LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hudgens, RichardRt   1 Bx 113 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Hudson, JoeRt  2 KinardsSC29355-0000
Huffman, Clarice1616 Bodie St NewberrySC29108-0000
Huffman, OlgaUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hughes, JimmyRoute 2 KinardsSC29355-0000
Huneycutt, Donna FRt  1 Box 196 A WhitmireSC29178-0000
Hunter Jr, Dr Joseph EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Hunter, George F4610 Schirra Court SpartanburgSC29301-3527
Hunter, Gladys2405 Cottage Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Hutto, Mary HRt   1 Box 557 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Hyne, SusieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Inabinet Sr, W L2204 Main St ColumbiaSC29201-0000
Ingram, JamesRt  1 Box 176 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Interstate Station IUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Ivey, James HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Ivey, Robert530 Sutton Rd SpartanburgSC29302
Jack, T AdamsRt   1 Box 282 ProsperitySC29127-9437
Jackson Jr, RobertRt   3 Box 80 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Jackson, Helen1909 Indian Land NewberrySC29108-2951
Jackson, Heyward1201 Boyce Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Jackson, LeroyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jackson, Sheila2627 Wilson Rd NewberrySC29108
Jacobs, James RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jacobs, RonaldPo Box 592 NewberrySC29108-0000
Jamison, Marjorie B910 Poinsett Place West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Jamison, RollandUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jardno, Stephen N1833 Bandvury Ct CharlestonSC29407-0000
Jefferson, LydiaRt   1 Box 508 NewberrySC29108-0000
Jenkins, John W4836 Jones Street ColumbiaSC29203-6618
Jeremias, Mary RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jessie, Mattie3640 Dogwood Ter NewberrySC29108-1439
Jett, JohnRoute 3 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Johns, J R211 Mariners Row ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Johnson, Arthur1305 Giff St NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, ButlerRt   1 Box 184 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Johnson, ErnestUnknown JoannaSC29351-0000
Johnson, EugenePo Box 779 ProsperitySC29108-0779
Johnson, Evelyn2626 Deloache Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, GeorgeUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Johnson, Harris ERt  1 Box 567 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Johnson, J BPO BOX 912 NewberrySC29108
Johnson, J TRt  2 Box 506 NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, James W930 Stebondable Rd ColumbiaSC29203-0000
Johnson, Jas SUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, JessieBox 450 NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, John AUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Johnson, P D2209 Murray Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, R EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnson, Rick712 Calhoun Street ColumbiaSC29204-0000
Johnson, RickyRt  1 Box 70 BlairSC29015-0000
Johnson, StephenUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Johnston, William P2503 Fair Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Johnstone, H P1545 Pinehurst St OrangeburgSC29115-4148
Jolly, Bobby JoeBox 151 ChesneeSC29323-0000
Jones, AustinRt   1 Box 79 BlairSC29015-9750
Jones, Bill RRt  1 Box 624 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, Buck3980 W Lake Oakdale Drive FlorenceSC29501-0000
Jones, David G140 Brookhaven Drive MooreSC29369-0000
Jones, Dorothy MaePo Box 2 SilverstreetSC29145-0002
Jones, EssieUnknown ClintonSC29325-0000
Jones, Henry JRt  4 NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, James WPo Box 461 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Jones, Janie Maye1201 Boyce St NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, Joyce A151 Ponte Vedra Drive ColumbiaSC29206-0000
Jones, LawrenceUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Jones, MamieRt   4 Bx 131 NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, MarvinUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, Minnie2023 Railroad Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Jones, Paul AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Jordan, Darlene2019 Charles St NewberrySC29108-0000
Jordon Jr, T L102 Captain White Ln Rock HillSC29730-0000
Journer, Richard SUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Joye, W J3101 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Kanipe, George A1113 Purcell St NewberrySC29108-2752
Kayo Oil Co,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kelley, W HRt   3 Box 268 ClintonSC29325-0000
Kelly Liza  StoreUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Kelly, Albert BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kennedy, AnnUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Kennedy, LorenzoRt  3 Box 116 NewberrySC29108-0000
Kent, James CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kenwood,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kibler, SherrlineRt  2 Box 132 PomariaSC29126-9633
Kimberlin, Bill3291 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Kimble, MarvinRt   4 Box 231 NewberrySC29108-0000
Kinard Jr, Karl WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kinard, M AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kinard, Mary SRt  1 Box 316 Little MountainSC29075
Kinard, Ray1353 Nazareth Church Road SpartanburgSC29301-0000
Kinard, T DRt   1 Box 208 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Kincaid, WillieUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
King Jr, Dr W WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
King, RalphUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kinsler, CleophusGeneral Delivery ProsperitySC29127
Kirby, Douglas MPO Box 2821 SpartanburgSC29304-2821
Kirkland Jr, BrantUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kirkland, Betty BPo Box 192 NewberrySC29108-0192
Kiser, Steve R894 Beverly Dr SpartanburgSC29303-2504
Kitchens, IraUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Koon, CarlRt  1 Box 508 NewberrySC20108-0000
Koon, Carroll ERt   1 PomariaSC29126-0000
Koon, James LPo Bx 381 NewberrySC29108-0000
Koon, Robert LRt   2 PomariaSC29126-0000
Koon, Sayers LeeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Koon, William BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kramer, Robert EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Kunkle, H BRt   2-Brown St ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lafferty, DonaldRt   2 Box 1610 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Laird Jr, David L2714 Collinswood Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Laird, LarryRt   1 Box 297 NewberrySC29108-0000
Laird, Larry JPo Box 141 NewberrySC29108-0000
Laird, RandallUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lake, FrankRt  3 Box 81 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lambert, John E148 Wigeon Dr LexingtonSC29072-0000
Lambert, Stephen1504 Dreher Island Rd ChapinSC29036-0000
Lancaster, B CUnknown KinardsSC29355-0000
Lane, Gene108 Milligan Street NEWBERRYSC29108-0000
Lane, Mellie1730 Near View Ave ColumbiaSC29223-0000
Langford, Mrs MelvinRt   1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lanier, Blanche LUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Larue, CharlesRt   3 Bx 193 NewberrySC29108-0000
Lassiter, Mrs W WRoute 1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lathrop, MichaelGeneral Delivery ProsperitySC29127
Lathrop, Michael ARt   3 Box 100 C ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lawrence, Ruth474 Candy Kitchen Rd ProsperitySC29127
Laws, E GHunt St NewberrySC29108
Lawson, QuillenRt  2 Box 345 A WhitmireSC29178-9802
Leak, SpearmanUnknown KinardsSC29355-0000
Leaphart, J CUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Leaphart, Jennie S1041 Meadow Dr LancasterSC29720-0000
Lee, Annie BellUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lemmon, RobertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lemmons, BufordRt   4 Bethesda Rd SpartanburgSC29304-0000
Lemon, AnnaRt   2 Bx 123 BlairSC29015-0000
Lemon, AnnieRt   1 Box 56 BlairSC29015-9745
Lemon, Clara BellRt   2 Bx 95 BlairSC29015-0000
Leopard Jr, WalterRt   1 Box 26 I 20 ChappellsSC29037-0000
Lewis Pump & Lighting,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lewis, Charles Thomas31 Boundary St NewberrySC29108-0000
Lewis, James FRt   1 Bx 388 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lewis, Russell LRt   2 Box 450 LeesvilleSC29070-0000
Lightsey, W FUnknown Little MountainSC29075-0000
Liner, James EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Littlejohn, B CPo Box 827 CowpensSC29330-0000
Littlejohn, E MUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Littlejohn, Joe MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lively, Leland P337 Player Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Lloyd, Franklin SPo Box 12633 ColumbiaSC29211-0000
Loftin, James BRt  2 Box 485 NewberrySC29108-9575
Lollis, Herbert4043 Dennis Dairy Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Lollis, Luther42 Jansen Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Lominick, Chas AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Lominick, T DRt  1 PomariaSC29126-0000
Long Jr, J IrbyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Long Jr, SteveUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Long, Albert D1517 Brigman Ct NewberrySC29108-0000
Long, Bessie AP O BOX 1366 BEAUFORT SC29901
Long, Gary2206 Bridle Path Lane TimmonsvilleSC29161-0000
Long, J G135 Main Street SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Long, James FPO Box  553 NewberrySC29108-0553
Long, James HRt   2 Bx 164 B SaludaSC29138-0000
Long, JohnnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Long, Robert HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Long, Tom237 Tildon Point Road ChapinSC29036-0000
Long, Verdia4044 Frazier Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Long, W SteveRt   1 Bx 561 NewberrySC29108-0000
Longshore Jr, RobertRt   3 Box 693 A NewberrySC29108-9803
Longshore, E LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Longshore, HenryRt   3 Box 479 NewberrySC29108-0000
Longshore, Shirley LRt   3 Box 479 NewberrySC29108-0000
Loveless, Michael204 Rice Rd NewberrySC29108-8517
Loving, Bill EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Lowe, Danny WPo Box 81 NewberrySC29108-0000
Lowry, James RRt   3 Bx 72 NewberrySC29108-0000
Lusk, John LRt  1 Box 535 NewberrySC29108-0000
Lyles, Evelyn CRt   2 Box 179 PomariaSC29126-0000
Lyles, William LRt  1 Box 349 E 8 NewberrySC29108-0000
Lyles, Willie B2406 Adelaide Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Lynch Jr, Edwin R1620 Drayton St NewberrySC29108-0000
Mahaffey, Clifford Roy228 Devonport Dr IrmoSC29063-0000
Malone, Marion R319 W South St UnionSC29379-0000
Malone, William NUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Maneos, HenryRt  3 Box 301 ChapinSC29136-0000
Maness, Ernest T54 Mcdonald Street WhitmireSC29178-0000
Mangum, MaudeRt   4 Bx 336 K NewberrySC29108-0000
Mann, Richard902 Caldwell Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Manuel, KennethPo Box 7 RusselvilleSC29476-0000
Marcer, VioletUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Marchant, Larry C107 Ashley Crt West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Marchant, Peggy SRt   1 Bx 594 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Marchant, Robert MPo Box 1001 ProsperitySC29127-1001
Marion's Restaurant,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mark Way HomesPo Box 481 NewberrySC29108-0000
Mars, MarionPO Box 623 NewberrySC29108
Marshall, JamesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Marshall, Leo142 Red Wood Ct ColumbiaSC29223-4638
Marshall, May FrancesUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Marshall, SarahUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Marshall, Willie Mack2048 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Martin, B F508 S Edisto ColumbiaSC29205-0000
Martin, Gregg1401 Wipporwill Dr West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Martin, HaroldUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Martin, Michael J148 Maple Rd LexingtonSC29225-0000
Martin, NoraRt   4 Bx 37 C NewberrySC29108-0000
Martin, RuthUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mason, G David2421 S Lake Dr LexingtonSC29072-0000
Massey, Wilbur B30 Nance Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Mathias, MarkRt 4 Box 185 NewberrySC29108-9804
Mathis, CarmelUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mathis, JakeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mathis, JimmieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mathis, Mary Ann5824 Wescott Ave ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Matthews, DavidPo Box 32 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Mattison, Dennis LRt  2 Box 314 NewberrySC29108
Mayer, Dennie419 Deerfield Rd PomariaSC29126-0000
Mayfield, FreddieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mayo, Ted H1530 Abbott Road CayceSC29033-0000
Mayo, ThomasRt   2 Box 23 BlairSC29015-0000
Mays, R CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
McCleary, Barbara DRt  1 Box 718 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Mcartha, J BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mccollum, CynthiaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mccracken, Hughie617 First Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Mccrary, William Finney1202 Crosshill Ln NewberrySC29108-0000
Mccullough, CleoUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mccullough, TommyUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Mcdonald, Doug260 Pelham Rd  H-10 GreenvilleSC29615-0000
Mcdonald, MikeRt   1 Bx 162 A NewberrySC29108-0000
Mcfall, MariePo Box 182 ProsperitySC29127-0182
Mcfield, MatthewPo Box 24 SilverstreetSC29145-0024
Mcgee, J DPo Box 340 ElginSC29045-0000
Mcgee, PhyllisRt   1 Box 14 BlairSC29015-0000
Mcgill, MelvinUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mcglohorn, JimmyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mcgraw, John AlbertRt  1 Box 14 BlairSC29015
Mcgraw, SallieUnknown BlairSC29015-0000
Mcgregor's,Po Box 643 NewberrySC29108-0000
Mckeithen, MikeRt   3 Box 278 ChapinSC29036-0000
Mcleod, DorisUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Mcmasters Car Wash,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mcmorris, Mary912 Sunset Ln NewberrySC29108-0000
Mcpherson, Charles David349 Einda Leigh LexingtonSC29072-0000
Mcwhirter, ValeriaRt   2 Box 130 BlairSC29015-0000
Meeks, James LRt   1 Bx 601 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Meetze Jr, EarlRt  2 Box 73 PomariaSC29126-0000
Meierholtz, Paul T8 R Street AndersonSC29621-0000
Meilke, HeinzRt  3 NewberrySC29108-0000
Mencken, F C1026 Travers Drive CharlestonSC29412-0000
Merchant, John MichaelRt   2 Box 248 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Messer, Charles G2718 Collinswood Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Metts, CatherineRt   3 Box 228 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Metts, Wyman416 Harley Taylor Rd GilbertSC29054-0000
Metze, Bryan504 Creekside Pl ColumbiaSC29212-0000
Mickey Mouse Tavern,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Mid-State Redi Mix,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Miles, Charles WRt   1 Box  413 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Miles, Vince LRt   1 Box 257 R NewberrySC29108-0000
Miller, Arthur C21547 Us Highway 76 NewberrySC29108-0000
Miller, Frankie BRt   3 Bx 335 ClintonSC29325-0000
Miller, L R603 Pope Cir NewberrySC29108-1930
Mills, Gerald LPo Box 656 NewberrySC29108-0000
Mills, Ronald HRt   1 Bx 178 NewberrySC29108-0000
Millstead, Mary EllenRt   1 Box 115 PomariaSC29126-0000
Millwood, Ada DRt   2 Bx 156 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Millwood, HerbertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Minick, F HRt   3 Box 260 A ProsperitySC29127-9803
Minick, Ralph917 Dumbarton Rd ColumbiaSC29212-3317
Mitchell, Frank1734 N Lake Dr LexingtonSC29072-0000
Mitchell, Prince Lee4590 Rikard School Road ProsperitySC29127-0000
Moates, AllieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Moates, PaulUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Moates, Wayne104 Hawkins Circle JoannaSC29351-0000
Moates, William WRt   4 Box 278 NewberrySC29108-0000
Mobley, BenUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Modify, J DRt  2 Box 216 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Monts, NathanielRt   4 Box 691 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Monty's Market,Rt   1 Bx 2 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Moore, Dennis EPo Box 527 ColumbiaSC29202-0000
Moran, Mrs James HPo Box 328 NewberrySC29108-0000
Morgan, Jeanette HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Morgan, Willie MaeUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Morse, G EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Morse, Leslie4035 College Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Moss, Celeste2736 Myrtle St NewberrySC29108-0000
Moss, Charles PRt  1 Box 47 WhitmireSC29178
Motes, Alvin MRt   1 Box 103 KinardsSC29355-0000
Motes, EffieUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Mould, Michael RRt   3 Box 68 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Mount, John W18 Cocksper Circle IrmoSC29063-0000
Mountain, John A2231 Country Club Rd SpartanburgSC29302-0000
Movieland III,2068 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Mowder, Elwood HRt   2 Bx 839 B ProsperitySC29127-0000
Mowry, WilliamUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Mt Bethel Sou Meth Ch,Po Drawer A OrangeburgSC29116-0000
Muhammad, Yahya9509 Farrow Road ColumbiaSC29203-0000
Mullinax, Dennie RRt  2 Box 382 GaffneySC29340
Mundy Jr, GeorgeRt  2 Box 58 NewberrySC29108
Murphree, J G611 Woodland Hills West ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Murray, Cathy BRt   1 Box 542 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Nance, Maggie104 Elm View Ter SpartanburgSC29307-0000
Nance, VinaUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Nation, M DUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nation, MarkRt   1 Box 425 NewberrySC29108-9767
Nby Mobile Homes CoUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nby Packing Co,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Neal, ErnestUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Neal, FernRt  4 Box 120 NewberrySC29108-0000
Neel Jr, RaneyRt   4 Box 307 NewberrySC29108-0000
Neel, HeywardUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Neeley, Elizabeth D560 Cockspur Road IrmoSC29063-0000
Nelson, HarryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nelson, JohnnyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nelson, Robert L1665 Little Egypt Rd WhitmireSC29178-9072
Nesmith, Charles G1018 Woodrige Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Neville, A LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Newberry Auto Mart1194 Woodridge Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Newberry Motors,503 Wright St NewberrySC29108-0000
Newberry Tailor Alterations,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Newman, Thomas OM1 Centennial Apts ClintonSC29325
Newnham, Beth1908 Grays Inn Rd ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Nguyen, Lap Van200 Spartan Drive ColumbiaSC29212-3621
Nichols, J EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nobles, A JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Nobles, ElbertRt   3 ClintonSC29325-0000
Noles, Willis MRt  1 Box 90 PomariaSC29126-0000
Nomrah Concrete Co,Po Box 4620 ColumbiaSC29240-0000
Norris, John WRt   3 LaurensSC29360-0000
North, Thomas L762 C St Andrews Rd FlorenceSC29501-0000
Nunley, J HUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Nunnally, John2479 Country Club RdApt 100 JSpartanburgSC29302-0000
O F Martin-StoreRt   1 Box 148 ProsperitySC29127-0000
O'Barr, GreggPo Box 777 NewberrySC29108-0000
O'Conner, Merlin103 Paces Brook AveApt 10327ColumbiaSC29212-0000
O'Donald, MinnieRt  1 Box 556 NewberrySC29108-0000
Ogden, RoyRt   1 Bx 116 F SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Oliver, KarlUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Osborne, E L BUnknown UnionSC29379
Osborne, TonyRoute 1 NewberrySC29108-0000
Ostrowski, DanielRt   1 Box 978 H Cross HillSC29332-0000
Oswald, Mike PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Oswald, Ronald AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Oswald, RonnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Oxner, L EUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Oxner, M WPo Box 30 KinardsSC29355-0000
P & L Camp Ground,484 Barnwell Rd SpartanburgSC29303-0000
P L Building Supply,2419 Wilson Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Pack, Clifton2000 Springfield CirApt 209NewberrySC29108
Padgett, D WPO Box 44 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Padgett, MarjorieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Padgett, MayonieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Padgett, RobbiePo Box 92 JenkinsvilleSC29065-0000
Palmore, Celicia2401 Sycamore St NewberrySC29108-1757
Parducci, M AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pargas Of NewberryPo Box 263 NewberrySC29108-0000
Parker, James LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Parker, Roy EPo Box 280 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Parks, T NUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Parnell, Clifton787 Smith Pond RdLot A-5LexingtonSC29072-0000
Parnell, William K2204 Adelaide St NewberrySC29108-4529
Parrott, Mary SRt   3 Bx 162 A 1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Parrott, RobertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Paul, Ronald GPo Box 232 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Paull, DaisyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pavilaon Pizza,320 Biscayne Road ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Payne, P EPo Box 22213 ColumbiaSC29222-0000
Peace, John WPo Box 1075 PiedmontSC29673-0000
Peake, EssiePo Box 102 JoannaSC29351-0000
Pearson, J RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pearson, W B218 Old Chapin Rd #121 LexingtonSC29072-0000
Peel's General StoreRt   1 Bx 125 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Peel, Marcel BRt   1 Bx 55 NewberrySC29108-0000
Peel, Marcel BRt   2 Bx 74 NewberrySC29108-0000
Pence, MildredUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Perez, TommyPo Box 273 NewberrySC29108-0273
Perry, Amanda366 Wise Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Perry, RobinPO Box 231 WhitmireSC29178
Perschau, BobUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pete, SammieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Petterson, StanUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pettus, J WUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Petty, MarvinRt  4 Box 821 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Petty, Marvin KRt   1 Bx 821 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Phillips, JessieRt   2 Box  129 BlairSC29015-0000
Pickett, R CRt   3 Box 204-A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Pitts, EveretteUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Pitts, HannahUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Pitts, Helen WRt   3 Bx 649 NewberrySC29108-0000
Pitts, John PatPo Box 813 NewberrySC29108-0813
Pitts, Minnie LeeRoute 1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Pitts, Tammy A2619 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Plotz, CharlesRt  3 Box 538 A ChapinSC29036
Poag, Louise TRt   5 Box 469 ChapinSC29036-0000
Poe, WilliamRt   1 Box 16 C SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Porter, Charles S1725 Peeples StApt AColumbiaSC29203
Powell, EdRt   8 InmanSC29349-0000
Powers, JimmieRt   1 KinardsSC29355-0000
Prange, Richard AUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Pratt, D BRt   1 Bx 573 A ChapinSC29036-0000
Price, Ellic WUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Price, J OUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Price, JeffRt  3 Box 821 NewberrySC29108-0000
Pride, H PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Prout, Spencer145 Whipporwill Drive CampobelloSC29322-9413
Pruitt, Keith LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Quinn, John WUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Quinn, Mary HUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Quinn, Yvonne M2015 Eleanor St NewberrySC29108-3945
Radford, Monica2627 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Raines, KathyRt  1 Box 557 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Rascoe, Linda Gail1206 Airport Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Rawl, C BRt   4 Box 809 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Reagin, John L1222 Glenn Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Reed, TomUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Reeder, MellRt   1 Box 29 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Reeder, SammyRt   1 Box 1029 ClintonSC29325-0000
Reeder, ShirleyRt   3 Bx 450 NewberrySC29108-0000
Reel, James WRt   1 Box 572 NewberrySC29108-9787
Reese, Queen EUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Renwick, MichaelRt  2 Box 52 NewberrySC29108
Revels, Dr J AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rhodes, Larry8518 Falling Leaf Lane CharlestonSC29420-0000
Riber, Lynn CRt   1 Bx 361 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Rice Jr, Claude S2015 Harper St NewberrySC29108-0000
Rice, Agnes CRt   1 Bx 263 NewberrySC29108-0000
Richard, W BUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Richardson, Donald L767 Boiling Springs Rd LexingtonSC29073-7554
Richardson, GeneUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Richardson, J M1628 Indian Land Apt NewberrySC29108
Richmond, William DRt  2 Box 1781 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Rickets, JohnRt   3 Bx 114 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Riddle, BillyRt   1 Box 10 WhitmireSC29178-0000
Rikard, A A100 North Adair St ClintonSC29325-0000
Rikard, Billie MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rikard, George RayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Riley, B EPo Box 372 NewberrySC29108-0000
Riley, CliftonUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rinehart, L VaughnUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rinehart, WilliamRoute 2 NewberrySC29108-0000
Riser Jr, MikeRt   2 Bx 32 KinardsSC29355-0000
Risher, Bessie MUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Rister, Charles FPo Box 412 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Roach, Ray3206 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Robbins Liquor StoreUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Robbs, EnaUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Roberson, NapoleonUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Roberts, G J183 Mallard Cove ProsperitySC29127-0000
Roberts, HaymanRt  1 Box 296 IslandtonSC29929
Roberts, J EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Roberts, JoePo Box 907 BeaufortSC29901-0000
Roberts, Ricky604 Newberry  Drive ChapinSC29036-0000
Robertson, Geo FUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Robinson, John455 Kinard Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Robinson, MarilynUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Robinson, Willie James599 Bush River Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Robison, Billy2517 Main Street NewberrySC29108-3556
Robison, GeorgeRt   3 Bx 698 NewberrySC29108-0000
Robison, H E MajorRt   1 Box 362 K NewberrySC29108-0000
Rock Hill FarmUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Roe, Rick387 Night Harbor Drive ChapinSC29036-0000
Rogers, AlbertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rogers, JoePo Box 655 BatesburgSC29006-0000
Rogers, Robert CUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Roland, WilliamRt   1 KinardsSC29355-0000
Rollins, J WUnknown LaurensSC29360
Romines, PaulRt   2 KinardsSC29355-0000
Romines, Rosa KRoute2 Box KinardsSC29355-0000
Ronnies,Rt   3 Box 148 ProsperitySC29127-9771
Roscoe, Tony ERt   1 Bx 468 NewberrySC29108-0000
Rossi, RobertPo Box 1932 SpartanburgSC29304-0000
Rowe's Belfast Grocery,Rt  4 Box 62 NewberrySC29108
Rowe, OscarUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Royce, WayneReid Erskine Trl Pk WhitmireSC29178
Rucker, R MarkPo Box 643 ChapinSC29036-0643
Rudder, Billy G1429 Hawkins Court NewberrySC29108-0000
Ruff Jr, Wilson199 Robin Rd NewberrySC29108
Ruff, ErnestRt   2 NewberrySC29108-0000
Ruff, James RaymondRt   1 Bx 284 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Ruff, Kathy LPo Box 592 ChapinSC29036-0592
Ruff, Lola525 Alcott DrApt 21GColumbiaSC29203
Ruff, Wilbur ARt   3 Box 163 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Ruff, Wilhelmenia3408 Grant AveBox 2-029NewberrySC29108
Ruff, WilliamUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rushton, Laura M305 Northwise Rd SaludaSC29138-0000
Rushton, MitchellPo Box 577 ClintonSC29325-0577
Russ, James126-3 Lodge Rd PendletonSC29607-0000
Rutherford, DraytonUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rutherford, JoeRt   1 Box 44 KinardsSC29355-0000
Rutherford, JohnnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Rutherford, Miles29 Miles Ln NewberrySC29108
Rutherford, Shebra594 Elisha Church Rd SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Rybolt, Henry SUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
S C Campgrounds, Inc.1333 Hummingbird Dr West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Saddler, BessieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Samatha's Silver Spoon,Po Box 64 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Samples, Susan JPo Box 21 KinardsSC29355-0021
Sanders, EdwardRt   3 Box 78 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Sanders, LovelaceRt   1 Box 429 SaludaSC29138-0000
Sandifer, Tom1983 Battleground Rd CowpensSC29330-9401
Sandlapper Chev Olds,PO Box 874 NewberrySC29108-0874
Santos, NoneeRt   1 Bx 245 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Satterwhite, JeterRt   1 Box 39 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Saunders, Lillian GPo Box 232 NewberrySC29108-0000
Saunders, Mrs WardUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Saville, Ralph DUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Saviller, RebeccaUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Scarborough, D E1061 Milton Lane ColumbiaSC29209-0000
Schumpert, ClairUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Scott, Fred3115 College Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Sears, Ralph LPo Box 7 Little MountainSC29075-0007
Sease Jr, Heyward CRt   2 Bx 510 NewberrySC29108-0000
Sease, ShirleyRt   1 Bx 365 BTrailer # 22NewberrySC29108-0000
Senn, CharlesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Senn, G C11704 Sc Hwy 121 NewberrySC29108-0000
Serbin FarmRt   2 Bx 183 KinardsSC29355-0000
Serbin Farms Inc4419 Ivy Hall Dr ColumbiaSC29206-1226
Setzler, E GUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Setzler, T P1509 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Sexton's MarinaRt   1 Bx 546 NewberrySC29108-0000
Sexton, Ed VUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Sexton, JimmyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shadows,2306 Wilson Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Sharp, Gregg H724 Amelia Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Shavers, Harry9401 Wilson RdLot 137ColumbiaSC29201
Shealy Jr, James ERt   3 Box ProsperitySC29127-0000
Shealy, Barbara515 Bryton Terrace ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Shealy, Betty ARt   1 Box 452 B NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, C ERt   1 Box 606 NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, David MRt   2 Box 2502-Eureka St ProsperitySC29127-0000
Shealy, Edgar2329 Harper St NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, ElizabethRt   2 Box 403 NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, George1260 Shull Island Rd GilbertSC29054-0000
Shealy, Grover AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, H CRt   4 Box 300 NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, J CRt   2 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Shealy, KathyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, O HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shealy, PaulRt   4 LeesvilleSC29070-0000
Shealy, Valerie ARr   3 Box 1286 ClintonSC29325-9536
Sheeley, Robert ERt   1 Box 77 A PomariaSC29126-0000
Shell, MalacRt   2 Bx 445 NewberrySC29108-0000
Shells, RobertUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shelton, AbrahamRt   4 Box 336 F NewberrySC29108-0000
Shelton, LucilleUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shelton, RuthUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Shepard, MikeRt 1 Bx 80 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Sheppard, JamesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sheppard, MikeRt   2 Bx 163 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Sherwood, CharlesRt   1 Box 183 PomariaSC29126-0000
Shope, J MUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Shuler, Lewis H9 Beacon Hill ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Silo Hill Stables,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Silvers, CromerUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Simmons, JackPo Box 1056 LaurensSC29360-0000
Simms, AlbertUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Simone, Sam P1935 Nance Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Simpkins, Kathy MaeUnknown KinardsSC29355-0000
Simpkins, MamieUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Simpson Sr, Roy CRt   4 Box 895 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Simpson, BillRt  4 Box 280B NewberrySC29108
Simpson, LewisRt  3 ClintonSC29325-0000
Sims, BrendaRt  3 Box 296 NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, CarolynUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, EstelleUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, Louis Lee2515 Upper Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, MaryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, Mary924 C Suber Dr NewberrySC29108-0000
Sims, Mary LouisePo Box 221 Little MountainSC29075-0221
Sims, ValeryRoute 2 NewberrySC29108-0000
Singley, BobbyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sink, James LRt   2 Box 262 F ProsperitySC29127-0000
Skinner Jr, Allen LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Slice, Charles LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sligh, RichardRt   1 Bx 626 NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith Jr, VictorUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, Bennie AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, Curtis171 Hidden Lake Dr ChesneeSC29323-0000
Smith, E GUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, Floyd AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, Frank Douglas1205 Langford StTrailer # 15NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, HelenUnknown Little MountainSC29075-0000
Smith, James W309 Forest Hills Dr WinnsboroSC29180-0000
Smith, Mark E1442 Lakewood Drive ProsperitySC29127-9210
Smith, Terry637 Belfast Rd NewberrySC29108-7242
Smith, W PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Smith, W Wade135 York St ChesterSC29706-0000
Snow, LarryPo Box 395 StartexSC29377-0000
Snug Habor MarinaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Socky, FrederickRt   2 Bx 1834 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Sojourner, RichardRt   2 Jacobs Hwy ClintonSC29325-0000
Sonny's 66,Rt   2 Box 284 NewberrySC29108-0000
Sorrel, AnnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Sorrentino, Kevin ARt   3 Box 422 ChapinSC29036-0000
Southeast-Forest-Products,1103 Amelia St. NewberrySC29108-0000
Souza, GregoryRt  1 Box  913 Nellie St FlorenceSC29501
Spears, RUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Speight, DuaneRt  1 Box 64-32 PomariaSC29126-0000
Spencer, CharlieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Spoon, J LPo Box 112 KinardsSC29355-0000
Spoon, MarieRt   1 MountvilleSC29370-9801
Spoone, Richard M2633 Wilson Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Spray World II,2219 Osborne Ave NewberrySC29108-2021
Stancil, Luther122 St James Drive SpartanburgSC29301-0000
Stanley, MargaretUnknown IrmoSC29063-0000
State Of South Carolina,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
State Of South Carolina,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Steele, WilfredUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Steins, DonaldUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Stephens, Duane RPO Box 2803 ColumbiaSC29202
Stephenson, BobbyRt   3 Box 434 NewberrySC29108-0000
Stephenson, C E1415 Pine St ColumbiaSC29204-0000
Steven, SelousUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Stevens, FreddieRt   1 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Stewart, GordonPo Box 23243 Hilton HeadSC29925-3243
Stoddard, Diane CPo Box 156 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Stone, RandyRt  3 Box 863 NewberrySC29108-0000
Stone, RubyRt  2 Box 7 BlairSC29015
Street, DavidUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Strickland, JackUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Strong, J HughUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Stroud, Don1124 Shady Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Sturkie, Brice1940 Blue Ridge Terr West ColumbiaSC29169-0000
Sturm, BillRt   1 Bx 382Lot #32NewberrySC29108-0000
Stuven, AugustUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Suber, Brenda1211 Metze RdApt G5ColumbiaSC29210-0727
Suber, Cleve999 Hwy 34 PomariaSC29126-0000
Suber, John167 Folks Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Suber, JudithRt   3 Bx 154 A ProsperitySC29127-0000
Suber, NormaUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Suburban Water System #1Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Suggs, BenUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Suitt Construction CoPo Box 8858 GreenvilleSC29604-0000
Sullivan, Q ERt   1 Box 166 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Summer, Fred JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Summer, Thomas O1902 Piedmont St NewberrySC29108-0000
Summer, W D318 Peak Road PomariaSC29126-9580
Summers, LewisRt  2 Box 146-E NewberrySC29108-0000
Sutton, John R403 Chauga AndersonSC29624-0000
Swanson, Lillian RRt  1 Box 348-E NewberrySC29108-0000
Swanson, Richard MRt   1 Box 348 ELot # 21NewberrySC29108-0000
Swanson, Robert GRt  2 NewberrySC29108-0000
Sweatman Jr, Henry RRt   1 Box 152 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Swisher, Charles WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Swittenburg, Claude908 Wise St NewberrySC29108-0000
Swittenburg, WillUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Swygert, Sallie EGrant Homes NewberrySC29108
Syphertt, MelvinPO Box 8 SilverstreetSC29145
Tager, Clifton7500 Terry Street ColumbiaSC29209-3954
Taylor, Don MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Taylor, Wilma O909 College St NewberrySC29108-0000
Teague Jr, C PUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Teal, Jerry2002 Hawkins St NewberrySC29108
Tem Tee Packing Co,Unknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Terray, Howard FBox 316 Oceanside Village Surfside BeachSC29577-0000
Terry Jr, John PUnknown PomariaSC29126-0000
Terry, John ERt  1 Box 377 PomariaSC29126-9781
Terry, ThomasRt   1 Box 98 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Thacker, Jacqueline PalmerRt   2 Box 76 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Thackston, W HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Thayer, LuanneRt   3 Box 1328 NewberrySC29108-0000
The Belfast,Rt   4 Bx 62 NewberrySC29108-0000
The Saw Mill Inc,820 Langford St NewberrySC29108-0000
The Sawmill,3018 Kings Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Thomas, Charles MUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Thomas, J L1124 Airport Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Thomas, Marie921 Booker St NewberrySC29108-0000
Thomas, Mary AnnePo Box 39 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Thomasson, Robt Earl888 Jalapa Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Thompson, ConnieRt   1 Box 284 C NewberrySC29108-0000
Thompson, Frances WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Thompson, ThelmaRt  2 ProsperitySC29127-9667
Thomson, StewartRt   2 Box 660 UnionSC29379
Tilley, RalphUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Timmerman, John CPO Box 27 KinardsSC29355
Timmons, WilliamUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Tobias, Jeffie AUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Toland, HeywardUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Toler, M CUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Trantham, Keith1219 Hunt St NewberrySC29108-0000
Trapp, James WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Trumble, Robert E2000 Springfield CirApt 202NewberrySC29108
Tuck, William2615 Wilson Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Tuggle Chevrolet-Olds Inc,1418 Dave Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Turner, Booker T566 Bush River Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Turner, Lonnie1924 Nance Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Turner, PaulUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Turner, R GUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Turner, Shirley JUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Twiggs, GaryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
U S Plywood,Unknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Van, Vlack StephenRt   2 Box 184 IrmoSC29063-0000
Vines, Oliver520 Floyd St NewberrySC29108-0000
Wadsworth, VinnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wagner, John WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wagner, Suzane MRt   1 Box 5365 ProsperitySC29127-9476
Waites, Steve1914 Senate St # A ColumbiaSC29201-0000
Waldrop, RudolphUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Walker, Anna5061 Mt Bethel Garmany Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Walker, FloydRt   2 Bx 57 NewberrySC29108-0000
Walker, InaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Walker, JohnUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Walker, Stephen1162 North Blvd North CharlestonSC29406-0000
Walls, EdwardUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Ward, Tony LPO Box 336 BuffaloSC29321-0336
Ware, J WPo Box 34 NewberrySC29108-0000
Warren, Scott5786 A Boone Court ColumbiaSC29206-0000
Watkins, EsterRt   1 Box 68 BlairSC29015-0000
Watson Jr, W LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Watts, JamesPo Box 41 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Watts, JamesRt   1 Box 221 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Watts, NormaRt   3 Box 139 B ProsperitySC29127-0000
Weaks, J MRt   1 Box 66 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Webb, CromerRt   1 Bx 307 ClintonSC29325-0000
Webb, WalterRt  1 Box 88 Saint StephenSC29479
Webster, V HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Weed, David JRt   1 Box 197 WinnsboroSC29180-0000
Wehrmann, EdgarUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Weldon, K SUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wells, Florence AnnRt  3 Box 285 NewberrySC29108
Wells, Katherine2107 Garys Lane NewberrySC29108-0000
Werts, A P1324 Sc Hwy 121 SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Werts, David MRt  3 Box 183 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Werts, Dorothy S1621 Vincent St NewberrySC29108-0000
Werts, Mrs C C210 Ardacia Drive AndersonSC29621-0000
Werts, W F2231 Glenn Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Wertz, ThelmaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
West, Allen5750 Anderson Mill Rd MooreSC29369-9422
West, Ruth A408 Thornhill Dr SpartanburgSC29301-0000
West, Wayne105 Incline St MariettaSC29661-0000
Wheeler, Dorothy D2234 Margurett St ColumbiaSC29204-0000
Wheeler, LauraUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Whelchel, Ernest PUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
White, J OUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
White, RayUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
White, Robert TRt   1 Box 281 PomariaSC29126-0000
White, SharonRt   3 Box 227 ProsperitySC29127-9787
Whitehead, Clara MillerUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Whitman, Toney1614 Drayton St NewberrySC29108-0000
Wicker, Richard ARt  3 Box 68 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wicker, Voner4046 Frazier Dr NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilbanks, CeciliaRt   1 Box 222 ClintonSC29325-0000
Wilbanks, GaryUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Wilburn, LucyUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilkes, Elizabeth HUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilkes, Thomas E120 Yorktown Fort MillSC29715-0000
Willard, Mary K2811 Clyde Ave NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Able2336 Adelaide St NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, AndrewPo Box 184 Little MountainSC29075-0184
Williams, C EGeneral Delivery Little MountainSC29075
Williams, CarolynRt   1 Bx 67 S SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Williams, Charles LRt  1 Box 67XX SilverstreetSC29145
Williams, Daisy1632 Jollystreet Rd ProsperitySC29127-0000
Williams, Fairbelle90 Griffinville Road PomariaSC29126-0000
Williams, Fannie303 1/2 Sumerel St ClintonSC29325-0000
Williams, Harold LRt   2 Box 240 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Williams, Ida1589 Piester Rd NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Kenneth RayUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, L BUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Marcia Lee1107 Giff St NewberrySC29108-1740
Williams, Mary2307 Cottage AveApt ANewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Patsy BPo Box 486 NewberrySC29108-0486
Williams, Paulette501 Wise St Ext NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, RalphUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Randy491 Houston Rd ProsperitySC29127-7828
Williams, Richard WUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Robert FUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Robt TUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Williams, Sandra469 Smallwood Drive ChapinSC29036-0000
Williams, Tolbert LUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Williams, Tommie211 Westwood Drive ChapinSC29036-0000
Williamson, Tolbert LUnknown ProsperitySC29127-0000
Willis, CharlieUnknown WhitmireSC29178-0000
Wills, Nina DRt   4 Bx 309 NewberrySC29108-9378
Wilson Jr, Henry2341 Eleanor Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, ClaraPo Box 12 Little MountainSC29075-0000
Wilson, Elizabeth SRt   3 Box 235 ProsperitySC29127-9775
Wilson, Ella834 Giff St NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, HardinRt   2 Bx 574 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wilson, Hattie3024 Kings Drive NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, HenryUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, Homer604 Shallow Cove ChapinSC29036-0000
Wilson, Julius824 Giff St NewberrySC29108-2323
Wilson, Margaret MRt   4 Bx 316 K NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, MarvinRt   2 Bx 164 NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, RalphUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, Ray1230 George St AikenSC29801-4153
Wilson, SteveRt 2 Box 96 NewberrySC29108-0000
Wilson, Thelma B1801 Luster Ln ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Wilson, Ulysses1223 Player Street NewberrySC29108-4251
Wilson, William CUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Windham, MajorRt   1 Box 28 BlairSC29015-0000
Wise's Ferry Bait FarmUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wise, AlemaUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wise, David FrankSpringhill Apts NewberrySC29108
Wise, DeloresUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wise, Freddie427 Maple Knoll Rd ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wise, JackUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Wise, Paul794 Beisel Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Wiseman, Bill410 Cressfell Road IrmoSC29063-0000
Wodrich, Brenda2007 River St NewberrySC29108-0000
Wodrich, Paul WPo Box 283 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wofford, Marjorie M1330 Kinard St NewberrySC29108-0000
Wood, W L111 Excelsior Ave UnionSC29379-2947
Woodall, L EUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Woodward, Colie388 Airport Road NewberrySC29108-0000
Worthy, AllenRt  1 Box 285 Little MountainSC29075-9801
Worthy, Johnnie84 Amicks Landing Rd ProsperitySC29127-0000
Wright, FredUnknown SilverstreetSC29145-0000
Wybo, Marion1200 St Andrews RdApt 1507ColumbiaSC29210-0000
Yarborough, PaulUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Yarbrough, BrendaPo Box 661 NewberrySC29108-0000
Yates, JamesUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Yates, James LUnknown ColumbiaSC29209-0000
Yates, Lee215 Shoreline Dr ColumbiaSC29210
York, A K1549 Old Lexington Hwy ChapinSC29036-0000
You, BarbaraPo Box 682 NewberrySC29108-0000
Younce, RonnieUnknown NewberrySC29108-0000
Young, Betty2602 Pine Street NewberrySC29108-0000
Young, MichaelPO Box 375 AynorSC29511
Young, StevePo Box 189 ChapinSC29036-0000
Youngblood, Roy MPo Box 496 JonesvilleSC29353-0000
Zang, John GRt   1 Bx 421 ProsperitySC29127-0000
Zwaschka, MarkPo Box 122 NewberrySC29108-0000


September 30, 2016