GPS mapping of NEC system under way

NEC is in the process of creating a new GPS mapping system, which will provide the foundation for a quicker outage response time, as well as improve efficiency. The first step to implementing this project is a complete inventory of its service area. Beginning in January 2015, NEC will be conducting a complete GPS inventory of its facilities through a contractual agreement with Chapel Mapping.

Chapel Mapping is a Warren, PAbased firm, specializing as a complete mapping supplier to electric utilities. They will do a complete inventory of the NEC power distribution system, consisting of poles, transformers, meters and underground equipment. To gather the data, the Chapel crew of four will need access to all NEC members’ property.

They will begin working in areas served by the Newberry Substation, which includes Wilson Road, from the Wise Street area and down to Norris Road. They will then go to areas served by the Belfast Substation. They will continue the process until all areas served by Newberry Electric Cooperative are inventoried. The project is to be completed by the end of 2016.

Stephanie Sullivan, NEC Systems Analyst, said, “We want our members to be aware that Chapel Mapping will cover the entire service area getting geographic coordinates with hand-held devices, as well as taking photographs of meters and buildings. This will greatly improve our customer service capabilities, as well as overall service reliability with a better mapping system and equipment location information.”

Chapel Mapping employees will be driving vehicles with their logo, as well as the NEC logo, and wearing clothing clearly identified as Chapel Mapping. This will allow property owners to quickly identify the person. Any members who have questions about the work being performed by Chapel Mapping, or the personnel on his/her property, may contact NEC dispatch at 276-1121. We appreciate the patience of our members as we embark on this project, which will greatly benefit our members and help to advance future system growth and management