Welcome! Here you aren’t a customer – you’re a Member-Owner. We’ll work with you to ensure you receive the best service configuration for the least expensive rate. Simply fill out the form below describing your power needs to start the process. Or just give us a call. We’ll work with our engineers to create a custom power solution for you to ensure you’re ready to open your doors and pursue success.

Let us re-evaluate your rates and your usage to ensure you are still receiving the best rate possible. If you’re growing, we can calculate your new needs and make sure your power infrastructure is able to support you.

Our key accounts executives work with you to minimize the impact of outages on your business. When an outage does occur, we can get you to the right contact person to get back online as quickly and as safely as possible. We can also help you track the circuit or substation that feeds your business to speed up the process.

Want to avoid an outage altogether? We can work with you to set up a generator or other alternate energy backup system to eliminate interruptions.

We’re ready to help you get the most out of your status as an NEC member-owner. Learn how to review, manage, and pay your account online. Get answers to questions about your billing statement. Hear about upcoming public forums and town halls.