Your Cooperative is a not-for-profit. That means all revenues NEC receives through monthly bill payments, beyond the costs for providing electric service, remain the property of our members and are returned in the form of Capital Credits.


Capital Credits are used to improve the distribution system and should be viewed as the member-owners' equity investment in the Cooperative. The equity investment minimizes the amount the Cooperative has to borrow.

Capital Credits are invested in the poles, wires, transformers, substations and other equipment used throughout the system to deliver reliable electricity every day. The Cooperative tracks your investment over the years of your membership.

The retirement of Capital Credits is a decision made by the Board of Directors based on the financial condition of the Cooperative. A portion of the total Capital Credits are "retired" and returned to the member in the form of a check for any member who had service with the co-op during the specified years to be paid out. The amount is based on your electric use and how long you have been an NEC member.

  • The heirs of an NEC member can receive any remaining Capital Credits that had been assigned to the deceased member.
  • An estate representative must request the member's Capital Credits, contact (803) 276-1121 for more information.