Membership comes with many perks. One of the best is affordable, lightning-fast internet.

It’s why we formed CarolinaConnect, an affiliate company created to provide faster, more reliable internet service for our members. Based in Lexington, SC, and using our high-speed network to reach you, CarolinaConnect shares our exceptional service standards and offers a product second to none. It’s a commitment hard to find in today’s internet marketplace, but one we’re proud to bring you.

You’ll find its fiber-optic technology is super fast and affordably priced. Unlimited data and the most dependable internet connection available mean your entire household can play games, stream HD video or music, and surf the web without worrying about buffering or data consumption. 

So sign up now for the fastest internet available, and as our fiber-optic buildout reaches you look forward to more bang for your broadband buck.

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