Solar power is an exciting prospect for many of our members. And we’re here to help you navigate the often-confusing details of a solar generating system and determine if it will actually produce savings for you.

In fact, since every home has its own unique circumstances, we developed a unique tool to estimate actual savings for our members who are considering solar power. It’s a great way to navigate the hard decisions surrounding the installation of a system like this.

Please call our experts at (803) 276-1121 option 3 before you buy a solar system, so we can make certain you have all the details.

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For those members installing a solar generating system, below are the steps to connect with NEC's electric power system.

  1. You or your solar provider sends NEC a completed application for interconnection, along with a single line diagram of the proposed connection and an application fee.
  2. NEC reviews the application and writes an interconnection agreement. The agreement is signed by both you and a NEC representative. We also provide you with the Net Metering Policies that must be signed.
  3. You have the solar equipment installed.
  4. We set the net meter.