If you are considering a Solar project at your home, please call NEC before making an investment.  Let us be your trusted resource and tell you what your potential return on investment would be.  Many of our members are given information that is inaccurate by outside resources.  Let us help you make sound decisions on your investment upfront.     

Please call our experts at (803) 276-1121 option 3 before you buy a solar system, so we can make certain you have all the details.

For additional information visit mysolar.com.

For those members installing a solar generating system, below are the steps to connect with NEC's electric power system.

  1. You or your solar provider sends NEC a completed application for interconnection, along with a single line diagram of the proposed connection and an application fee.
  2. NEC reviews the application and writes an interconnection agreement. The agreement is signed by both you and a NEC representative. We also provide you with the Net Metering Policies that must be signed.
  3. You have the solar equipment installed.
  4. We set the net meter.