Welcome to Newberry Electric Cooperative! We’re thrilled you’re joining the Newberry Electric Cooperative family. We know you’ll find membership with us offers countless benefits. That’s because as a member-owned electric provider, we make our decisions with you in mind. Join us, and immediately see the difference.


  1. Enter your address below in the map feature to confirm you are eligible for service from Newberry Electric Cooperative. If your address is in the green shaded area, we are your service provider. All other areas are served by another electric utility.
  2. Complete the service application below.

Required Documents

  • US driver’s license or ID card
  • Social Security Number or US-issued Tax ID Number
  • Other acceptable forms of US government-issued identification: passport, permanent resident alien card, Green Card or immigrant visa

At this time, online applications are for residential accounts only. To apply for commercial service, please contact member services at (803) 276-1121 option 3.